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Our shop has been serving our customers for over 20 years. We specialize in creating the tooling for plastic injection molds and manufacturing printing press machine parts. We make parts for a large electronic plant located in South Carolina. As motorcycle enthusiasts we work with a local distributor and have developed numerous custom parts.
We have implemented lights out machining on the molds we develop. This has helped us to compete with global competition. Our latest purchase of a Haas SL20 with bar-feed allows us to mass produce parts basically unattended. We have a Haas VF2 with high speed machining and a Renishaw tool and part probe allowing us greater accuracy.

We have an excellent relationship with several local plastic molders. Through them we have built numerous production molds for companies such as: Michelin Tire, Nautilus Fitness equipment and several kayak companies. We build and repair plastic injection molds.

Whether it is production or custom parts our customers are confident we will deliver
accurate, appealing products at cost effective prices.
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