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Overview of our milling department.


2003 Haas VF-2 with Reinshaw probe
The probe feature allows us to precisely indicate each piece for consistency.
It measures each tool to allow for tool wear.
It will find the exact center of bores.
The rapid tool change and “look-ahead” programming increases productivity
and greatly improves the appearance of the finish cut.
2001 Haas SL-20 with bar feed
This turning center speeds up the run time of each job as it is equipped to rapidly
change tools creating less load and feed time.
It employs a parts catcher for unattended operation of long runs.
The bar feed enables massive production with little attendance.

1998 Haas VF-3
The larger table and vector drive give this machine the torque necessary for
heavier jobs.
It is equipped with a rotary table for the greatest accuracy on radius holes.

E-Z Pathe Bridgeport lathe
The easy programming on this lathe makes both CNC and manual operations
simple and efficient to run.

Clausing Proto-trak
For small jobs this CNC mill is an excellent addition to our larger mills.
OD Grinder
We use this for tight tolerances and a mirror finish.

Horizontal mill
For those projects with an unusual angle or a difficult shape.

Turret lathe
This manual lathe is capable of removing larger amounts of material at a
faster rate than the CNC lathes.

Automatic roller feed saw
During productivity this saw will cut material unattended cutting costs.

All of our machines are maintained at an excellent standard. We clean our machines
and work areas on a daily basis. We are small enough to take extreme pride in our work
and the performance of our machines.
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