Accu-Spec Machine Products

Our plant:

We are located at 1212 East Industrial Avenue in Gastonia, NC. Our offices and machine shop are on the same premises for convenience and expedience in a spacious building of over 12,000 square feet.
The shop currently houses mainly CNC mills and lathes although we still have manual machines for larger jobs. We employ “Solid Works”, “One CNC” and “Bobcad” to accurately duplicate all our projects. The machines are directly fed from the computer center enabling longer cycle times.

About us:

Our company features:

*Our company has gratefully served our loyal customers for over 20 years. Being owner-operated allows us to maintain tight control on all of our products.

*As American craftsman we take pride in our work. All our parts undergo rigorous inspections before delivery.

*Speedy turn around- We are able to quickly repair or replace damaged parts 365 days out of the year. Whether you require one piece or 1,000 pieces we maintain the same quality and attention to detail to each piece.

*We do not cut corners to be "Cost effective." Our low overhead enables us to keep our prices extremely competitive.

*We are proud of our 100% customer satisfaction.

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